(FK Univrab-Pekanbaru, 06/02/2023) Last January 18, Abdurrab University held The Abdurrab International Conference in collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia and REVA University, India (18/01/2023).

Two students from Medical Faculty of Abdurrab University, Arzita Diandra Diva Fadhilla and Aura Adinda Putri, managed to get an award as the Third Winner at the international poster competition with sub-theme “Integrating Promotive and Preventive Healthcare for Elderly”. The Abdurrab International Conference presented the theme of ‘Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments’, the conference took place offline on January 18, 2023, in Tabrani Room of Abdurrab University over many competitors and was hosted by Physiotherapy of Pharmacy and Health Science Faculty of Abdurrab University.

Hopefully through this competition awareness of the importance of integrating promotive and preventive healthcare for elderly will grow. In addition, the ability to learn and compete to be better, even the best.

Congratulations to the outstanding medical students from Abdurrab University in this competition, hopefully they can inspire other students!

Author: Eva

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